• Program Proposal Guidelines and Submission Form


    The Greater Houston LGBT Chamber of Commerce is seeking proposals for formal presentation as part of its 2018 business education programming. If you would like to be considered as a presenter, please review these guidelines and complete the form below.

  • General Overview

    • Programs will be held at different Chamber member locations or other locations to be determined by the Chamber.
    • The time allotted for your presentation may be determined by the program location and time of day.
    • Unless sponsored by the presenter, attendance cost will be kept to minimal levels to cover the cost of meals (if any), staffing, supplies, etc.
    • Depending on the program time and location, the Chamber reserves the right to designate a minimum attendance. If the minimum attendance is not met one week prior to the program date, the program may be cancelled. 

    Program Proposal Overview

    • Both Individual and group proposals will be accepted.
    • There is no fee to present. Likewise, there is no monetary compensation to presenters in exchange for their services.
    • Ideal programs will teach practical knowledge and encourage interaction from the participants.
    • The program’s primary purpose is to educate the audience and is not meant to be a sales presentation nor include an overwhelming number of references to the presenter’s company.
    • All presenter materials must be pre-approved by the Chamber and submitted at least one month prior to the presentation.

    Evaluation of proposals

    • Preference is given to Greater Houston LGBT Chamber of Commerce members.
    • Successful proposals will be chosen based on the presenter’s experience related to the topic, timeliness of the topic, content, depth of the presentation’s target audience, previous work, and professional references.
    • The  Programs & Events Committee may request a meeting or conference call with applicants prior to selection.
    • The Greater Houston LGBT Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to decline any proposal at its discretion.
  • Program Proposal Form Program Proposal Form